CEM President and CEO Stephanie Hau was named the 2015 Harford County Athena Award winner joining an amazing group of women leaders since 2002 who have achieved this honor. Recipients of this achievement have attained and personify a high level of excellence in her business or profession, devoted time and energy to the community in a meaningful way and opened doors of leadership opportunity for women. The CEM team celebrated the achievement with Stephanie at the Women’s Leadership Breakfast on Friday, March 6, 2015, at the Richlin Ballroom.

CEM’s John Mettee III reappointed chair for State Board for Professional Land Surveyors

(Bel Air, MD – August 28, 2015) Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan recently reappointed CEM’s John Mettee III to a third term as member and chair of the state Board for Professional Land Surveyors. Mr. Mettee will serve an additional, five-year term, supporting the surveying accountability and legislative efforts throughout Maryland. Mr. Mettee was sworn in today during a small ceremony, with Chief Deputy Clerk Linda Settle presiding on behalf of Harford County Clerk of the Court Jim Reilly.

With 42 years in the surveying and engineering industry, Mettee possesses the industry knowledge and legislative expertise, as well as the leadership abilities to make a strong difference for the profession, state and CEM’s clients. Since joining the CEM team, Mettee has been an integral component in building a robust, full-service surveying team to meet the needs of CEM’s growing client base. Additionally, in his associate role he provides oversight and consultation in surveying, design, layout and site planning.

“Through his reappointment as member and chair of the Maryland Board for Professional Land Surveyors, the Governor reaffirmed his confidence in John’s leadership and industry expertise,” said Stephanie Hau, CEM president and CEO. “Through his continued dedication to this significant leadership role for the state, John will be able to further assist CEM in achieving our mission of improving the community through every facet of our organization. We are all very proud of John’s continued passion and commitment to this organization.”

In his role as chair during his previous term on the Board, Mr. Mettee made numerous contributions to the critical initiatives of the state Board. Most notably, he actively assisted in passing legislation in May 2015, HB720 – Architects, Landscape Architects, and Professional Land Surveyors – Firm Permits, to help ensure compliance of the existing Firm Permit Law.

The Maryland Board for Professional Land Surveyors qualifies and licenses persons seeking licensure to practice as a professional land surveyor. In addition, the Board provides regulatory services in investigating complaints against licensees, as well as complaints related to unlicensed practice and issuing appropriate discipline via a reprimand, suspension or revocation of a license. As a regulatory body, the Board brings credibility through accountability to the profession, ultimately making a positive difference for all Marylanders.

Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. (CEM) is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to help protect, restore, responsibly develop and manage land and water resources to improve communities. Serving as a trusted environmental advisor, CEM supports clients who require services to responsibly manage the natural resources that affect their business concerns. Solving clients’ environmental challenges, CEM carefully considers the complex inter-relationships of the environmental sciences, including: geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, geography, and engineering.

CEM awards funding to local organizations as part of its annual giving program

(Bel Air, MD – August 6, 2015) With a continued commitment to the community and support of local initiatives, Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. (CEM) recently awarded grants to five local organizations International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at Edgewood High School, Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center (SARC), Harford Family House, Casey Cares Foundation and the Baltimore Community Foundation — as part of its annual giving program.

“As a team, we strive to focus on maintaining vibrant communities in all that we do and it begins with offering support to local, philanthropic organizations to allow them to grow and thrive, ultimately providing the means necessary to deliver resources to the community,” said Stephanie Hau, president and CEO of CEM. “We strongly believe in the missions of these organizations and their efforts to improve the human condition.”

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) at Edgewood High School encourages high school students across Harford County to recognize their common humanity. With an overall goal to develop internationally minded young adults in an effort to promote peace on a global scale, the IB Program develops knowledgeable and caring youth, who express the motivation and drive to improve the world around them. The IB program intends to use the CEM grant support to provide students with educational field trips, as well as summer activities for all students and their families to increase communication between the school community and home.

Driven to achieve a safe and dignified community, CEM also awarded a grant to the Sexual Assault/Spouse Abuse Resource Center (SARC), an organization working to build a safer Harford County by offering support to victims, potential victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse and stalking to members of the community. The awarded funds will support the salary of one attorney who provides free representation to SARC clients, a necessary resource for a majority of members in need.

“SARC is grateful to CEM for their partnership and financial support of SARC’s legal services program. As Federal funding continues to be reduced, private companies like CEM that choose to focus donations on programs that impact the community are what will keep these vital services available to Harford County’s most vulnerable citizens,” said Luisa Caiazzo, executive director of SARC.

As the largest provider of transitional housing for homeless families with children in Harford County, CEM chose the Harford Family House as a 2015 grant recipient to enable the organization to provide housing resources and support, which will allow a local family to move from homelessness to permanent, stable housing. Through its mission, the Harford Family House seeks to end homelessness in Harford County by providing: emergency, transitional and permanent supportive housing assistance; support with supplies, transportation and case management assistance; and educational services with a range of life skills workshops for our county’s homeless population.

Through CEM’s efforts to give back to the community, the Casey Cares Foundation was named a 2015 grant recipient. The foundation is dedicated to providing inspirational programs with a personal touch designed to uplift critically ill children and their families. Serving children at local hospitals, the Casey Cares Foundation builds personal relationships with the children and their families. This personal touch allows the organization to tailor programs and activities specific to the needs of the families whom it serves throughout the duration of the child’s illness and beyond.

CEM awarded a financial grant to the Baltimore Community Foundation to support the Fund for Rebuilding Baltimore. The recently established fund seeks to repair the physical and emotional damage created by recent events in Baltimore City in an effort to strengthen the community for the future. Established in 1972 with a focus on education and neighborhoods, the Baltimore Community Foundation supports initiatives to improve access to transportation, increasing home values, educational opportunities for middle school students and increasing neighborhood sustainability, to name a few.

With community-centric focus, CEM continues to give back by providing support for a sustainable future through every aspect of the organization. Serving as good stewards of contractual funds for environmental projects through efficient and effective work strategies, to its annual giving program and continued support for local small businesses allows CEM to work to contribute to the betterment of the community.

For more information on each of the 2015 CEM grant recipients, visit them on the web at (International Baccalaureate Program at Edgewood High School); (SARC); (Harford Family House); (Casey Cares Foundation); and (Baltimore Community Foundation).

Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. (CEM) is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to help protect, restore, responsibly develop and manage land and water resources to improve communities. Serving as a trusted environmental advisor, CEM supports clients who require services to responsibly manage the natural resources that affect their business concerns. Solving clients’ environmental challenges, CEM carefully considers the complex inter-relationships of the environmental sciences, including: geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, geography, and engineering.

CEM Owner Stephanie Hau named 2014 Maryland Small Business Person of the Year

(Bel Air, MD – July 2, 2014) Stephanie Novak Hau, president and CEO of Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. (CEM), was recently named the 2014 Maryland Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Since 1963, contributions made by the small business community to the American economy and society are recognized during National Small Business Week, when an award is presented to a business from each U.S. state and territory to recognize outstanding contributions.

Starting in 1993 with two employees, to today with more than 50 employees, CEM commits to “applying practical science to improve communities” through private and public partnerships providing technical services to aid and support the creation and maintenance of community infrastructure. CEM’s engineers and scientists work efficiently to deliver solutions that are beneficial and responsible to our fellow citizens and the communities we share.

CEM President Stephanie Hau stated her philosophy on the importance of small businesses during her award acceptance speech, “Rarely is a business started out of greed. Almost without fail, businesses are started to meet a perceived need.” Hau added that, “People who build small businesses are so good at identifying and satisfying needs that the impact in their communities always goes far outside the confines of their individual businesses.”

Over its 21-year history, CEM has received numerous local, state and national recognitions both as an organization and individually for its president and CEO. To Hau, these are simply the outcome of focusing more on what CEM can contribute rather than what CEM can obtain. Generously sharing profits with employees, matching employee personal charitable donations and contributing five percent of their annual earnings to non-profits that strive to improve the human condition allows CEM to live the philosophy of giving back to the community. Next week, CEM will award 2014 grant funding awards in excess of $180,000 to local charitable and civic organizations that provide support and services in the community.

During her acceptance speech, Hau acknowledged that American citizens are grateful for the service given by those who serve in our military and civil service corps. Hau also recognizes a third group that she has named the Commerce Corps – a group whose members form the foundation of America’s entrepreneurial spirit. According to Hau, “These three groups work on behalf of all American citizens by preserving and protecting the unalienable rights immortalized by Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Hau has engrained this philosophy into the core mission of CEM and wishes to share this vision with other small businesses to encourage them to do the same. The majority of large companies began as a small venture – one person’s idea – with the hope of rising up to solve a problem or satisfy a need. Hau will continue her quest to encourage all Americans to support and celebrate small, local businesses and inspire entrepreneurs to support each other.

Addressing the small business community at the SBA awards ceremony in May, Hau concluded her remarks with the following thought: “Be proud of what you do and the impact you have made on your community and our country.”

Chesapeake Environmental Management, Inc. (CEM) is a full-service environmental consulting firm providing the technical expertise and regulatory knowledge to help protect, restore, responsibly develop and manage land and water resources to improve communities. Serving as a trusted environmental advisor, CEM supports clients who require services to responsibly manage the natural resources that affect their business concerns. Solving clients’ environmental challenges, CEM carefully considers the complex inter-relationships of the environmental sciences, including: geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, geography, and engineering.

Maryland Companies Honored for Corporate Philanthropy

Maryland Companies Honored for Corporate Philanthropy

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce and Baltimore Business Journal awarded the Maryland Business Philanthropy Awards today during the annual Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) – Maryland Chapter Philanthropy Day Luncheon in Baltimore. The awards program honored four businesses, whose philanthropic efforts have made Maryland a better place to live, work and do business.

“This awards program provides well deserved recognition to businesses that not only provide jobs and pay taxes, but who also support a wide variety of educational, health-related, homeless and youth activities in our neighborhoods,” said Sheela Murthy, Vice Chair of the Maryland Chamber and President of Murthy Law Firm.

This year’s winners are:

Small Employer Winner (100 or fewer employees)

Chesapeake Environmental Management

The company has built its philanthropic program on critical community needs such as education and health. Five percent of its profits are donated each year to nonprofit organizations, including Boys and Girls Club of Harford County, Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding, Habitat for Humanity, Kennedy Krieger Institute and more. Chesapeake Environmental Management recently contributed neo-puffs to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sinai Hospital to help the smallest of patients breathe.  Julie Cox of LifeBridge Health, who nominated the company, said “During the past year, this small organization has provided more than $75,000 in monetary donations and many man hours to helping make its community a better place to live and work.”


Mid-Size Employer Winner (101 to 500 employees) 

Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Fund (formerly IWIF)

For nearly 100 years, the company has been an exceptional community partner with organizations such as Goodwill Industries of the Chesapeake, Greater Baltimore Urban League, Healthcare for the Homeless, Living Classrooms and more. Cash donations over the past year totaled $200,000, with additional in-kind donations of $15,000 more. One of the charities supported by this employer is the Franciscan Center who noted the company has provided “countless hours of volunteer service – both on the food line and other program areas – and in the board room”. In fact, Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Fund raised $400,000 in cash and in-kind donations to support the Franciscan Center alone.


Mid-Size Employer Winner (101 to 500 employees) 

Merritt Properties 

Merritt Properties consistently ranks among the most philanthropic corporations in the Baltimore area by the Baltimore Business Journal. In 2012, this company gave a total of $1.2 million in cash and in-kind donations to various charities including the Salvation Army, Maryland Food Bank, House of Ruth, CASA and more.  Its employees donated 3,149 hours through several community service days and by service on a number of local nonprofit boards. In a letter of support, Jon Fichman of The Samaritan Women expressed gratitude for the annual $11,000 grant this company provides as well as for the 15 employees who spent two entire days helping with renovations, construction and maintenance on a 2.5 acre urban farm.


Large Employer Winner (More than 500 employees) 


For nearly 200 years, BGE has played an integral role in helping its communities address economic, public safety, civic and other issues.  Whether it be through programs like KaBoom! that resulted in a new playground for twelve hundred kids or its new Green Grants program to help 501(c)(3)s focus on conservation, education, and pollution prevention, BGE has long been an exemplary corporate citizen at every level.  In 2013, the company has contributed $2.4 million to 186 nonprofits in its service area. In addition, the company’s employees have provided more than 18,000 man hours of volunteering with more than 60 community organizations. Mark Furst of United Way of Central Maryland said “They embrace the philosophy that corporate vitality depends on the well-being of the communities they serve. Through thoughtful social investments of time and money, BGE has strived to enhance the quality of life where their employees, customers and families live.”


This is the 13th year the Maryland Chamber of Commerce and Baltimore Business Journal have partnered to present the Maryland Business Philanthropy Awards. All Maryland-based businesses that have made a positive contribution to Maryland residents through financial support, in-kind donations or volunteer efforts were eligible for nomination. A panel of business and community leaders judge the nominees based on the extent of the service provided to the community, the impact on the community and the commitment the business has shown to the community over time. Judges also take into consideration the size of the business relative to their corporate giving.


The Harford Award recognizes businesses that have blossomed because of their vision, focus and determination. To become a recipient, a nominated business must demonstrate business growth, increased employment, service to the community, unique and creative business strategies, technology innovation, support of public and private education, and working to enhance Harford County’s business climate.

Click here to view the Award letter by County Executive David Craig

Click here to view The Harford Awards website

Smart CEO Brava Awards

In 2006, SmartCEO founded a program with a goal of recognizing 25 female CEOs each year who are not only growing successful companies, but who are also giving back to the community through philanthropy. Both require hard work and determination and are worthy of praise.

At CEM, we are proud that our CEO was chosen as a Brava! Award recipient in 2009.




Top 100 MBE

In 2006, the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs developed the Top 100 MBE Awards program to salute the best of Maryland’s more than 200,000 minority and women business owners, highlighting their achievements.

A panel of distinguished judges chose CEM to receive this prestigious award in its inaugural year for outstanding achievement in four key areas: business development, client satisfaction, professional affiliations and community outreach. Eligibility for this award occurs every other year, and CEM has since been and continues to remain recognized as a top MBE firm in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

CEM has received this distinguished honor in:

  • 2006
  • 2008
  • 2010
  • 2012