CEM honors Memorial Day with a tribute


CEM is proud to recognize, thank and honor the brave men and women of the extended CEM family who have and continue to serve our country. Happy Memorial Day.

Stephanie Hau

  • George Novak, U.S. Navy: Father
  • Charles Muthig, U.S. Marine Corps: Step-father

Joe Hau

  • Robert Hau, U.S. Army: Father
  • Russell Jeffreys, U.S. Air Force: Step-father

Frank Baldwin

  • Michael Baldwin, U.S. Navy: Brother
  • Adam Baldwin, U.S. Navy: Brother
  • William Baldwin, U.S. Army: Grandfather

Scott Murray

  • Timothy Murray, U.S. Navy: Brother
  • Murril Harple, U.S. Army Air Corps: Grandfather
  • James Murray, U.S. Army Air Corps: Grandfather

Andy Wishart

  • Robert Wishart, U.S. Marine Corps: Father
  • Joe Altmann, U.S. Air Force: Father-in-law
  • Tim Jahnigen, U.S. Navy: Brother-in-law

Dan Smith

  • James Smith, U.S. Air Force: Father

Brandon Luedtke

  • Charles Barksdale, U.S. Army: Step-father

Brian Miller, U.S. Navy