National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying appoints CEM’s John Mettee III to national technology task force


CEM_JohnMetteeweb031215-200x300CEM proudly announces the recent appointment of John V. Mettee III, head of its land survey division, to a national technology task force committee to study the impact of new technologies on the engineering and surveying professions. The task force committee, part of the National Council of Examiners for Engineering & Surveying (NCEES), allows a small group of experienced, industry experts to provide insight on critical issues facing the profession.

Mettee joins a prestigious group of industry leaders from across the country to fulfill the charge set forth by the NCEES President Mike Conzett. Through focused independent research and collaboration using a multitude of technologies to interact, the committee will focus on three issues:

1. Electronic seals and signatures on design plans and related documents, establishing guidelines for application to ensure credibility with professionals standing behind the production.

2. The process of building information modeling (BIM) and the ability of multiple professionals to work on design plans simultaneously, establishing guidelines for responsibility and accountability for work in the finished product.

3. Remote sensing technology in surveying applications, developing guidelines for use by licensed professionals.

“As one of the few individuals selected to serve on this committee, it is my honored privilege to not only evaluate the impacts of these technologies on the profession and the public, but to also help in shaping the potential guidelines, which will be utilized locally and across the nation to protect the public,” said Mettee III on his recent appointment. “I value all opportunities to invest in others, as well as improve communities. This is not only my personal focus and goal, but that of CEM as well.”

One of ten professional surveyors and engineers from across the United States strategically selected to participate on the task force, Mettee possesses the ability to affect change for the profession that will have a lasting impact for years to come. In August 2016, the task force will submit all findings to the Council Board of Directors and present to the Council’s annual meeting held in Indianapolis, Indiana.